Borno state Contributory Health Care Management Agency

Welcome To Borno State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency 
wellness for Sustainable Development 

Vision Statement

To ensure effective and efficient Health Care that is accessible, affordable and equitable for all in Borno State.

Mission Statement

Ensuring Universal Health Coverage through an improved health care financing and to aid in achieving the health target of Sustainable Development Goal.


1 . To Ensure that all residents of Borno state have access to effective, efficient, qualitative, affordable and equitable health care

2. To Protect families from the catastrophic spending of huge medical bills

3. To Limit inflation in the cost of health services

4. To Ensure equitable distribution of healthcare cost across different income groups

5. To maintain high standard of healthcare delivery

6. To Harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services

7. To Ensure improvement of health care facilities within the state

8. To Ensure coordination of care and appropriate referrals at all levels of health care

9. To Ensure the availability of alternate sources of funding to the health care sector for improved funding

10. To Ensure the achievement of health component of the strategic transformation of Borno state



1. Primary health care, health education and preventive medicine

2. Improved capacity building programmes for medical/allied health workers

3. Recruitment of more medical and health workers

4. Establishment of state teaching hospital

5. Free maternal healthcare for the less privilege

6. Rehabilitation of victims of drug misuse

Health as the fundamental to Borno state’s Human Capital Readines

1.Address the growing burden of communicable diseases  (Mal, TB, HIV, NTDs, and VPDs)

2.Reduce the burden of non-communicable conditions, largely due to ageing population, lifestyle, insufficient preventive and curative programs

3.Execute a State Health Contributory Scheme to increase affordable access to basic health care

4.Ensure adequate human resources to support healthcare need

5.Address poor-availability of medicines, vaccines and health commodities to meet state health needs

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